Your Contract Laboratory for Assay Development Services. Your Trusted Supplier for Apoptosis Assays and ELISA Buffers.

ImmunoChemistry Technologies is not just a contract laboratory for protein chemistry. We’re your trusted supplier for apoptosis assays, ELISA detection reagents, and custom ELISA development and other protein chemistry-related services.

Our mission is to advance scientific discovery by developing innovative products for apoptosis detection, cellular analysis, and immunoassay development. We offer novel apoptosis detection reagents to study various biological processes and cellular physiological status, including apoptosis, caspase activity, mitochondrial health, and necrosis. Our ELISA Solutions™ are specialized ELISA buffers and immunoassay components for assay development, specially formulated to improve assay performance at each step.

ImmunoChemistry Technologies’ contract laboratory specializes in custom ELISA development, assay manufacturing, testing, and protein chemistry-related services. From our experience performing these assay development services, ICT has developed and offers a specialty line of ELISA buffers and stabilizers for assay development and IVD test manufacturing.

Company Background

ImmunoChemistry Technologies (ICT) offers quality, useful biomedical research reagents, including unique apoptosis assays and proprietary immunoassay reagents (ELISA Solutions™). ICT has thousands of customers in over two dozen countries. Biomedical researchers use our products to study human and animal biology and to investigate treatments for cancer, degenerative diseases, and other conditions affecting both humans and animals.

ICT is more than a simple contract laboratory offering protein chemistry services, assay kits, and detection reagents; ICT offers solutions in both senses of the word. A higher level of customer service has helped us achieve consistent double-digit growth and build a loyal and growing customer base with an international distributor network and customers in labs all over the world.

ICT supplies biomedical researchers with the critical detection tools they need to discover promising new medicines. These tools can be used to detect apoptosis and cell death in cultured cells as well as in live animals. One day, these tools may help with early detection of eye disease and to develop new and personalized treatments for cancer and other diseases.

Management TeamICT's headquarters in Bloomington, MN, USA

ImmunoChemistry Technologies, LLC is owned and managed by three partners:

  • Brian W. Lee, Ph.D., Chief Manager, President
  • Sally A. Hed, MBA, Vice President of Marketing & Operations
  • Carol Lee, Board Member and Secretary

Brian W. Lee, Ph.D., Chief Manager, President

Dr. Brian Lee co-founded ICT in 1994 and serves as President. His responsibilities include the development of new products, managing contract ELISA development projects, and overseeing research & development and production activities. Previous to starting ICT, Dr. Lee developed ELISAs at R&D Systems and SurModics. In 1992, Dr. Lee earned a PhD from the University of Minnesota, Department of Veterinary PathoBiology.

Sally A. Hed, MBA, Vice President of Marketing & Operations

Sally Hed joined ICT in 1996 as a scientist and was made Vice President of Marketing and Operations and co-owner in 1998. Her responsibilities include sales and marketing management, human resources, financial management, strategic planning, and quality control. Previous to joining ICT, Ms. Hed worked as an ELISA development laboratory associate at R&D Systems. Ms. Hed earned a B.S. in Genetics and Cell Biology from the University of Minnesota in 1991 and a MBA from Cardinal Stritch University in 1999.


Founded in 1994 by four managing partners, ImmunoChemistry Technologies has grown to become a strong and growing business with an international distributor network and loyal and ever-expanding customer base working in biomedical research labs all over the world.

After starting out as a contract laboratory focusing on custom immunoassay development and ELISA reagents, ICT expanded its product lines in 1999. At that time, the company developed detection reagents for cell death and related areas of basic research. Today, ICT has over 30 distributors selling these products worldwide.


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