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Visualize Caspase-3 Activity in Real Time

Magic Red™ Caspase-3/7 detection assays measure apoptosis-associated DEVDase enzyme activity in living, intact cells.

Time-Lapse Video of Caspase-3-7 Activity in Rat FibroblastsView a time-lapse movie of caspase-3/7 activation in cultured rat fibroblasts. Data courtesy of Dr. Martin Purschke, MA General Hospital. Windows Media Player or similar required to play the .avi file.




The fluorogenic Magic Red™ Caspase-3/7 detection reagent consists of two caspase-3/7 target sequences and the dye cresyl violet. When the cresyl violet molecule (Magic Red™) is di-substituted with two DEVD peptide sequences, the cell-permeant reagent is essentially non-fluorescent. The presence of the active forms of DEVD-ase enzymes caspases 3 and 7, found in apoptotic cells, causes the hydrolysis of the two DEVD target sequences from the Magic Red™ fluorophore, converting it to the fluorescent form. As apoptosis progresses and caspase-3/7 activity increases, the red fluorescent signal increases. Magic Red™ (cresyl violet) excites at 540-590 nm (590 nm optimal) and emits at >610nm (630 nm optimal).


Magic Red™ Caspase-3/7 Assay Kits:

Catalog No. 935, Trial Size (~25 tests)
Catalog No. 936, Regular Size (~100 tests)


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