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ImmunoChemistry Technologies, LLC’s service laboratory specializes in immunoassay optimization, ELISA development and manufacturing, lyophilization processes, and related services.

Our assay development scientists have years of experience with protein chemistry and ELISA optimization. We have the knowledge and experience to develop reliable, sensitive, and specific immunoassays.

ICT offers contract immunoassay development and testing services.Learn more in our services brochure and on these pages:

Antibody Development
Assay Development (ELISA)
Plate Coating



ELISA Development. Save Time and Build a Better Assay.

Pre-developed ELISAs and other immunoassays may be easy to run, but ELISA development requires years of knowledge in immunology and protein chemistry to understand antibody specificity and binding interactions.

If you’re like most scientists, you specialize in a very narrow field of study; you likely don’t have the background or time to develop a rugged test yourself. That’s where we come in. Our scientists are experts in ELISA development and have years of experience building custom immunoassays. We also perform ELISA optimization and testing services.

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ELISA Solutions: Specialized Formulations to Build a Better Assay.

We offer several proprietary formulations of ELISA buffers and reagents to enhance assay performance. Developed over years of ELISA development projects, these ELISA buffers, diluents, and protein stabilizers are designed to reduce background, stabilize assay components, and increase specific signal.

The following ELISA Solutions™ are available for in-house ELISA development and IVD manufacturing:

Plate Coating Buffers Affipure HRP Anti-IgG Secondaries
Blocking Buffers Conjugation-Ready HRP Maleimide
HRP and AP Conjugate Stabilizer Diluents Antibody Isotyping Strips
Assay Diluents ELISA Plates and Accessories
Sample Diluents ELISA Development Template Kits
Colorimetric Substrates ELISA Wash Buffer
Stop Solutions Phosphate Buffered Saline


Lyophilization Services.

We also offer custom protein lyophilization services. If you need a reagent vialed and freeze-dried, ICT will reliably prepare it for you. Our charges are reasonable and most lyophilizations are finished within one week.

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