Non-cytotoxic assay arrests further apoptotic activity via caspase inhibition. Cell permeablity permits direct visualization of cytosolic apoptotic events. Apoptotic cell population does not diminish over time. Add reagent directly to cells. No special buffer or media needed. No preparation of cell lysates required. Simple wash procedure. Works in diverse cell lines: human, rodent, Drosophila. Can be performed in conjunction with Annexin staining, TUNEL, antibody staining, or with other APO LOGIX reagents on the same population of cells. Permits high through-put screening. Protocol can be adapted for ex vivo as well as in situ experiments. Yields both quantitative and qualitative results. Gives strong signal with little background noise.

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SR Poly Caspase Kit by Cell Technology
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Size: 25 Tests
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APO LOGIX SR kits contain a generic sulforhodamine labeled caspase inhibitor (sulforhodamine-peptide-fluoromethyl ketone). This reagent is cell permeable and is used on whole cells to detect apoptosis. Apoptotic cells are detected by a fluorescence plate reader or fluorescence microscope using an excitation source at 550nm and measuring emission at 595nm. The assay takes about 1 hr to complete.
Poly Caspase
Fluorescence Microscope, Fluorescence plate reader
2-8 °C
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SR100-1: 25 Tests
  • SR-VAD-FMK (Part # 678)
  • 10x Wash Buffer (Part # 635)
  • 10x Fixative (Part # 636)

  • SR100-2: 100 Tests
  • SR-VAD-FMK (Part # 678)
  • 10x Wash Buffer (Part # 635)
  • 10x Fixative (Part # 636)
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