DRAQ7 Far-Red Live-Cell Impermeant DNA Dye

DRAQ7™ is a live-cell impermeant, far-red emitting DNA dye for viability, sample quality, apoptosis and fixed cell nuclear counterstaining. DRAQ7™ has many cellular analysis applications and is highly compatible with existing protocols across a wide range of instrumentation platforms. This product is useful for rapid staining of dsDNA/nuclei of dead or permeabilized cells and can be used in combination with live cell dyes for live/dead discrimination.

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DRAQ7 Far-Red Live-Cell Impermeant DNA Dye
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Size: 1 mL
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DRAQ7™ Far-Red Fluorescent DNA Dye is a membrane impermeant DNA dye for the rapid and convenient staining of the nuclear DNA of cells, tissues, and organisms including dead, permeabilized or fixed mammalian cells. It is ideal as a live/dead stain to assess sample quality, in apoptosis and cytotoxicity studies, and for immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry, and high content screening applications. DRAQ7 far-red live-cell impermeant DNA dye differentially stains both the nucleus and cytoplasm in dead, permeabilized or fixed mammalian cells, making it ideal for a HCS translocation (or Redistribution™ / Transfluor™) assay. The intensity thresholding for the two compartments improves an in silico “dilation” while providing morphometrics. DRAQ7 directly and stoichiometrically reports DNA content in cells that are dead, permeabilized or fixed. Because DRAQ7 is a far-red emitting DNA dye, this can be easily multiplexed with other parameters, like cell surface phenotype.
633 & 647 nm line optimal / 665 – 800 nm
Flow cytometry, Fluorescence microscope
Cell culture
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0.3 mM
United States
This product will provide 200 assay if using flow cytometry or 300 assays for fluorescent imaging. For additional protocol information, please visit www.biostatus.com

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