General Assay Diluent is a mammalian protein-based ELISA additive used to equalize the sample and standard matrices for a more accurate result. Large differences in matrix complexity environment between standard curve and sample wells are the main cause for target analyte under-recovery problems in sandwich ELISA analysis. General Assay Diluent helps equalize matrix complexity disparity issues, reduces non-specific interactions between sample proteins and the plate, and reduces interference from complement and thrombin present in serum and plasma samples.

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General Assay Diluent
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A matrix of an ELISA sample or standard is the composition of the solution other than the target analyte. It is common for large differences in matrix complexity to exist between the standards or calibrators used to generate the standard curve and the native samples to be tested by the assay. Complex and concentrated protein environments present in serum or plasma samples will greatly reduce the antigen-binding efficiency of the plate-adsorbed antibodies, resulting in under-recovery of the target analyte present in sample wells. The use of a specially formulated Assay Diluent from ICT helps minimize this interference by equalizing the matrix complexities. ICT’s ELISA Solutions™ Assay Diluents are proprietary ELISA development additives designed to equalize any differences between the sample matrices (serum, plasma, urine, cell culture fluid) and the calibrator diluent used to generate the standard curve of the ELISA. Assay Diluents are intended to be added to each well of the plate just before the addition of the test samples. General Assay Diluent is formulated for testing serum, plasma, urine, and cell culture samples in all sandwich ELISA formats. Mammalian protein additives in the General Assay Diluent formulation serve to reduce non-specific interactions that may occur between the sample matrix proteins and the plate surface, minimizing background noise. General Assay Diluent is also formulated to inhibit interference from complement and thrombin present in serum and plasma samples. An antimicrobial agent is included in the formulation to allow for bench-top use and storage stability. Bulk volumes and custom packaging are available upon request.
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  1. Once the capture antigen has been coated onto the plate and the plate has been properly blocked with one of ICT’s stabilizing blocker products, pipette 50 – 100 µL of General Assay Diluent into each of the wells of the ELISA plate using a multi-channel pipettor. The addition of the Assay Diluent is always done prior to adding the standard or test samples to each well.
  2. The standard and test samples should be diluted to the proper well concentrations using one of ICT’s three different Sample Diluent products to help further equalize matrix complexity parameters between standard/calibrator wells and the serum/plasma containing sample wells.

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