ICT's laboratoryImmunoChemistry Technologies, LLC (ICT) is a contract laboratory focusing on immunoassay development, manufacturing, and related services, such as custom conjugation and antibody purification. Through our extensive experience in immunochemistry, we have encountered and solved just about every issue. We’re the lab that other labs rely on to get their assays on spec.

We can help you build an immunoassay (IVD test) from start to finish or optimize an existing assay that may not be performing as well as you need. If your assay has high backgrounds or low specific signal, we may have the solution. We get the tough problems and have seen it all. To optimize your immunoassay, contact us at 1-800-829-3194 or use our contact form.


ICT may bill your project based on the number of hours worked or provide an overall quote for the entire project. ICT generally charges $250/hour with a 4-hour fee ($1,000) as a retainer.

Start Your Project Today

Please review our Services website and contact us by phone, fax, or email with some basic information about your inquiry. After signing a confidentiality agreement, we will discuss the particular aspects of your project and prepare a specific quote for you. Once we receive the front fee or retainer, we will begin the project.

Telephone: 800-829-3194 / 952-888-8788
Email: Assay Development Inquiry Form