Lyophilized vials in tray.ImmunoChemistry Technologies, LLC is a contract laboratory specializing in immunoassay development, manufacturing, and related services, such as custom lyophilization services. If you need something vialed and freeze-dried, ICT can prepare it for you.


ICT generally charges $2 – $4 per vial with a minimum fee of $1,000 per lyophilization run.


Most lyophilizations are finished within 1 week.

Start Your Project Today

Please review the questions below and give us a call at 800-829-3194. Or copy the questions into our contact comments form to email your answers. We will be happy to sign a confidentiality agreement. We will provide a specific quote and get started as soon as we receive the materials (such as the reagent to be preserved and the vials and caps).

Lyophilization QuestionsLyophilized vial of reagent.

  • What molecule must be lyophilized?
  • What form are the molecules currently in? (for example, powder, serum, or buffer)
  • What is the pH and composition of the buffer?
  • What is the current concentration of the molecule?
  • What is the target concentration to be put into each vial?
  • How many vials?
  • What is the reconstitution volume?
  • What type, size, and color of vial?
  • What type of cap?

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