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Apoptosis Assays and ELISA Detection Tools for Life Science Research

20 Years of Solutions for Apoptosis Detection and ELISA Development

Since 1994, ImmunoChemistry Technologies, LLC has provided quality research reagents and laboratory services to the global biomedical research community and biotechnology industries. ImmunoChemistry Technologies' mission is to advance scientific discovery by developing innovative products for apoptosis detection, cellular analysis, and immunoassay development. We offer novel apoptosis detection reagents to study various biological processes, including apoptosis, cell death, caspase activity, and necrosis. Our ELISA Solutions™ are specialized ELISA buffers and immunoassay components for assay development, specially formulated to improve assay performance at each step.

Apoptosis Assays

Apoptosis Assays: apoptosis detection reagents and inducing chemicals for the investigation of cellular events and disease-state pathology

ImmunoChemistry Technologies is a leading global supplier of in vitro apoptosis detection reagents and cell-based assays. These fluorescence-based apoptosis assays and fluorescent stains are used by researchers investigating cellular events associated with disease states and physiological processes in cultured cells.
Our cell-based apoptosis assays detect apoptosis, necrosis, cell death, intracellular caspase activity, cell-mediated cytotoxicity, cathepsin activity, activated serine proteases, necrosis, and mitochondrial permeability

Product CatalogFluorescent Probes Catalog: Assays for Apoptosis Detection and Cellular Analysis

Optimize an ELISA from Start to Finish

ELISA Solutions: specialty ELISA buffers, diluents, and stabilizers for assay development and IVD test manufacturing

Based on our expertise in ELISA development and optimization, ImmunoChemistry Technologies develops and supplies a specialty line of ELISA buffers, additives, and stabilizers for assay development and manufacturing. From the coating of the plate to development of the signal, our ELISA Solutions are formulated to address common immunoassay issues and work to reduce background noise, lower non-specific binding, stabilize proteins and conjugates, and increase the specific signal.

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