10x Universal ELISA Wash Buffer by Cell Technology

Reducing nonspecific background noise. Increasing the specific signal-to-noise ratio.

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10x Universal ELISA Wash Buffer by Cell Technology
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Volume: 100 mL
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Cell Technology's Wash Buffer is an optimal formulation of buffers and salts which maximizes the adsorption of antibodies and antigens onto polystyrene plates. During the adsorption process, the wash buffer stabilizes coated proteins, allowing for greater binding reactivity with the detection molecule, thereby enhancing the specific signal. By generating a higher specific signal, a lower concentration of coat protein may be needed when this buffer is used, thereby saving valuable reagents.
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Simply dilute the buffer 1:10 (100mL WB to 900mL diH20) and it’s ready to use. To rinse microtiter plates, the buffer may be dispensed through a squirt bottle, a plate washer, or a multi-channel pipette. Be sure to fill the wells all the way up (400uL for a 96-well plate). We do NOT recommend submerging the entire plates in a bath as many of the wells become contaminated, which decreases the reliability of the assay.

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