Antibody Coating Buffer, 5X

Antibody Coating Buffer saves reagents, enhances specific signal, and extends the shelf life of coated plates. It maximizes the adsorption of capture antibodies onto polystyrene plates and stabilizes antibody 3-D structure for optimal performance.

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Enhances adsorption of antibodies while preserving structure.

Antibody Coating Buffer, 5X is a protein-stabilizing solution that maximizes the adsorption of capture antibodies onto polystyrene plates. During the plate coating process, the salt and pH buffering environment provided by Antibody Coating Buffer stabilizes the three-dimensional antibody structure, preserving the antigen recognition regions of the antibody. This buffered environment also provides a highly consistent adsorption rate across all wells of the ELISA plate. In addition, this unique protein stabilization buffer may allow for the use of lower quantities of valuable capture antibody. Therefore, the use of Antibody Coating Buffer allows ELISA plates to be manufactured with high levels of precision and antigen capture utility.

As Antibody Coating Buffer is concentrated 5X, crystalline precipitates may form in the bottle, especially when refrigerated. If this happens, gently warm or mix the buffer until all crystals are dissolved. Plates may be coated at room temperature.

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  1. Dilute 5X Antibody Coating Buffer 1:5 with deionized water and mix for 15 minutes. As Antibody Coating Buffer is a 5X concentrate, crystalline precipitates may form in the bottle, especially when refrigerated. If this happens, gently warm the buffer until all crystals are dissolved. Do not let it boil.
  2. Dilute your antibody into the coating buffer. Optimal coating concentration varies significantly from 0.1 µg/mL to 10 µg/mL.
  3. Let the solution stir 10-15 minutes and pipette onto the plate. Optimal coating volume generally ranges between 50-200 µL per well. ICT recommends coating antibodies onto Costar 96-Well EIA/RIA Stripwell plate.
  4. Once added to the plate, incubate the coating solution from 8-24 hours at room temperature protected from light. Minimize evaporation by individually covering each plate with a plate sealing cover, wrapping a stack in plastic wrap, or placing plates in a humidified storage box and covering.
  5. Aspirate the coating solution.
  6. Wash each well twice with 1X ELISA Wash Buffer (catalog #652).
  7. Block the uncoated regions of the microplate wells by pipetting 300 μL of blocking buffer (such as catalog #640, 64, or 643) into each well.
  8. Incubate 8-24 hours at room temperature.
  9. Aspirate the blocking buffer.
  10. The assay can be run at this point, or the plate can be dried and packaged for later use. 1
    1. Dry the plate by letting it sit on the bench top from 8-24 hours while protected from light, or dry in a drying chamber under vacuum from 3 – 6 hours at room temperature. When dry, seal the plate in an air-tight foil pouch with a desiccant packet and store at RT or 2-8°C protected from light.

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