Antigen-Down Assay Diluent by Cell Technology

Reduces the effects of the sample matrix and variation among samples. Pre-dilution of the samples is not necessary. Reduces background noise caused by nonspecific interactions between the sample matrix proteins and the plate surface.

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Antigen-Down Assay Diluent by Cell Technology
SKU: EAD400-1

Volume: 100 mL
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Cell Technology's Antigen-Down Assay Diluent is specifically formulated for testing plasma and serum samples in antigen-down ELISA formats. Proprietary additives, including EDTA, have been incorporated into this diluent that eliminate the risk of plasma sample clots in the ELISA plate well while also minimizing nonspecific binding interactions associated with these complex matrices.
2-8 °C
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7.4 at 1X
Mammalian Proteins
United States
Expires two years from date of manufacture
Just pipette diluent directly onto the plate before you add samples.

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