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Plate Coating Buffers

Stabilize coated proteins and enhance specific signal with ICT's Plate Coating Buffers

ELISA Plate Coating Buffers to Stabilize Coated ProteinsThe first step in assembling a reliable ELISA is proper, stabilized coating of the antibody or antigen onto the microtiter plate. ICT has specifically formulated two ELISA plate coating buffers for use with antibodies or antigens.

Both ELISA plate coating buffers stabilize coated proteins by maintaining their tertiary three-dimensional structure, allowing for greater binding reactivity with the detection molecule, thereby enhancing the specific signal.

Antibody Plate Coating Buffer 5x is a universal buffer used to coat antibodies onto polystyrene microtiter ELISA plates and may be used for antibody-sandwich ELISAs as well as antigen-down ELISAs. Learn more.

Antigen Plate Coating Buffer 5x is designed for use in antigen-down ELISAs.  Learn more.


Multiple sizes are available of each formulation, from 25 mL bottles to 10 Liter containers.  Please contact us with any questions!



Wash the plate: ELISA Wash Buffer, 10X
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