No radioactive materials required. Detects cytolytic activity at a cellular level. Works with multiple types of mammalian cell lines.

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Flow Cytometry Cytotoxicity by Cell Technology
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A non-radioactive cytotoxicity assay allowing phenotyping of a heterogeneous target cell population and detects cytolytic activity at the cellular level, using flow cytometry.
Flow Cytometer
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  • Part # 4002: CFSE Membrane Stain, 4 Vials (2-8C)
  • Part # 4003: 7AAD Live/Dead Stain, 3 Vials (2-8C)
  • Part# 3003: 10X Dulbecco’s PBS w/Ca & Mg
  • Product Specific References

    PMID Publication
    36371853Ghoneum, M., et al. 2023. Anticancer potential of Marina Crystal Minerals (MCM) against the growth of murine mammary adenocarcinoma cells in vivo. Biomed Pharmacother, 113975.

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