Cell permeable. No wash homogenous assay. Adaptable to High throughput assay platforms . Real time detection of NO activity.

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Nitric Oxide Synthase by Cell Technology
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Diaminofluorescein –2 Diacetate (DAF-2DA) is a non-fluorescent cell permeable reagent that can measure free Nitric Oxide (NO) and nitric oxide synthase (NOS) activity in living cells under physiological conditions. Once inside the cell the diacetate groups on the DFA-2DA reagent arehydrolyzed by cytosolic esterases thus releasing FAD-2 and sequestering the reagent inside the cell. Production of nitric oxide converts the non-fluorescent dye, DAF-2, to its fluorescent triaole derivative, DAF-2T.
Flow Cytometry, Fluorescence Plate Reader, Fluorescence Microscopy
2-8 °C
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  • Part# 4006: DAF-2DA, 1 Vial (2-8C)

  • NOS200-2
  • Part# 4006: DAF-2DA, 2 Vials (2-8C)
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