We are ImmunoChemistry Technologies.

Count on us to partner with you in delivering the quality products that you need.

Since 1994, ImmunoChemistry Technologies has been producing top quality reagents, kits, and services for cell viability and ELISA applications. The cell viability product line features fluorescent whole-cell assays, intracellular detection, and cellular analysis in a broad range of research areas from apoptosis to autophagy to oxidative stress. The equally impressive list of ELISA offerings includes buffers, diluents, stabilizers, substrates, and kits.

With extensive assay experience, ICT has encountered and solved just about every technical issue. From ELISA development and plate coating to conjugation and purification, the ICT team has helped thousands of researchers build a better assay.

Located in Davis, California with international distributor network of over 40 partners, you can count on ICT’s products and customer-focused technical support team to further your research.