Peroxynitrite Detection Kit

The kit uses a novel probe (NP3) with excellent sensitivity and specificity to detect peroxynitrite in live cells and animals. The probe readily passes the blood-brain-barrier for neurological assessment.


Size: 150 Tests
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Peroxynitrite (ONOO- ) is produced via a diffusion reaction of nitric oxide and superoxide radicals. Endogenous Peroxynitrite is toxic to cells and affects mitochondrial function that can trigger cell death through nitration and oxidation reactions, however Peroxynitrite is also cytotoxic to invading pathogens. At the biochemical level, peroxynitrite is involved in protein, lipids and DNA modification via oxidation and nitration reactions. Protein modification can lead to chemical and physical changes of protein properties. Furthermore, DNA modification can lead to DNA strand breaks and cell death (apoptosis). Peroxynitrite modification of lipids can modulate lipid-protein adducts formation. Generation of peroxynitrite is attributed to pathogenic conditions in diseases such as neurodegenerative disorders, stroke, chronic inflammation, chronic heart failure, myocardial infarction and cancer. Redox related injuries are also related to peroxynitrite production like ischemia-reperfusion injury. Although peroxynitrite is a strong oxidant it reacts at a relative slow rate and can diffuse over a long range as far as on a cellular scale. These properties of peroxynitrite make it an interesting candidate for novel therapeutic interventions.

We introduce NP3, a novel probe developed by Dr. Xin Li at the Zhejian University, Hangzhou China. NP3 exhibits excellent sensitivity and specificity to peroxynitrite in live cells and animals and can readily pass the blood brain barrier.

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  • Product Specific References

    PMID Publication
    31664127Zhu, Y, et al. 2019. Novel dihydroartemisinin dimer containing nitrogen atoms inhibits growth of endometrial cancer cells and may correlate with increasing intracellular peroxynitrite. Scientific Reports, 15528.

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